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cover into dust - 1By 1866, thousands of people were streaming west. Many of their stories went unrecorded, the history of their struggles lost. Into The Dust is the story of three of those pioneers.

Zack and Lydia Grant live in the turbulent times following the civil war that threatens their home in the mountains of Tennessee. Zack decided to strike out alone, leaving his pregnant wife behind. He faces new fears, illness, Indians and countless hardships only to find his dreams colliding with reality. At the same time, young Cleveland Taylor finds himself alone in Oregon. He’d survived the wage train that claimed tow of his sisters, but now he finds he must survive times of danger, hunger and the unexpected.

Into the dust is a tale of faith, courage and love.  It is a glimpse of the life pioneers endured on the many roads west.


cover things behind  - 1

In 1883, two young men stand on the threshold of the greatest adventure of their lives: find their way to manhood in the rapidly changing American West. Peter and Samuel Taylor were born twins, but they are worlds apart in their hopes and dreams. In the 1880’s, the American West is still the great frontier, with opportunities for tremendous gain, but also great disappointments. Both young meant find themselves caught up in lives they never expected as they travel their separate ways. The find love, surprises and heartache as they live through the years. The Things We Leave Behind is a story of the epic journey through life, with its joys, challenges beginnings and endings. It is a story of family, faith, and finding the important things that one doesn’t leave behind.

cover cabin 1 - 1A young woman finds herself lost in the northern cascade mountains in the early 1950s.

During a furious storm, her beloved car is destroyed and she finds herself alone in the woods. Though she is injured, she manages, through sheer will and courage, to make her way to a seemingly forgotten cabin.

Initially the cabin offers shelter and hope, but soon it becomes a trap that may in the end be where her life ends. But the cabin harbors a secret, one that will become her lifeline, companion and hope.

Through a bleak and dangerously deep winter she battles the elements, loneliness, and her fears as well wild animals. Survival becomes the only goal.