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By 1866, thousands of people were streaming west. Many of heir stories went unrecorded, the history of their struggles lost. Into the dust is the story of three of those pioneers.

Zack and Lydia Grant live in the turbulent time following the Civil War that threatens their home in the mountains of Tennessee. Zack decides to strike out alone, leaving his pregnant wife behind. He faces new fears, illness, Indians and countless hardships only to find his dreams colliding with reality. At the same time, young Cleveland Taylor fins himself alone in Oregon. He’d survived the wagon train that claimed two of his sisters, but now he finds he must survive times of danger, hunger and the unexpected.

Into the Dust is a tale of faith, courage and love. It is a glimpse of the life pioneers endured on the many roads west

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In 1883, two young men stand on the threshold of the greatest adventure of their lives: finding their way to manhood in the rapidly changing American West. Peter and Samuel Taylor were born twins, but they are worlds apart in their hopes and dreams.In the 1880s, the American West is still the great frontier, with opportunities for tremendous gain, but also great disappointment. Both young men find themselves caught up in lives they never expected as they travel their separate ways. They find love, surprises and heartache as they live through the years. The Things We Leave Behind is a story of the epic journey through life, with its joys, challenges, beginnings, and endings. It is a story of family, faith, and finding the important things that one doesn’t leave behind.



cover cabin 1 - 1A young woman finds herself lost in the northern cascade mountains in the early 1950s. During a furious storm, her beloved car is destroyed and she finds herself alone in the woods. Though she is injured, she manages, through sheer will and courage, to make her way to a seemingly forgotten cabin.

Initially the cabin offers shelter and hope, but soon it becomes a trap that may in the end be where her life ends. But the cabin harbors a secret, one that will become her lifeline, companion and hope.

Through a bleak and dangerously deep winter she battles the elements, loneliness, and her fears as well wild animals. Survival becomes the only goal



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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY-A VERY HUMAN LOVE STORY.Arden Stewart has not had an easy life. She is a young widow, childless and lonely. Then, when a potential threat to her existence arises, she finds that her whole life has been based on a lie. She has a past she knows nothing about and a future she doesn’t want. Her world suddenly becomes a dangerous place, with risks from undreamed of places. She is stunned to realize she has enemies from across the galaxy who would love nothing more than to eliminate her. Arden finds that she is not alone, seven other aliens have helped cover her identity as she matured. With the help of her loyal guardians she grows into her new self, but struggles with wanting to do what they say is her destiny. Just as she tries to cope with the revelations of her new reality, Mike Duncan enters her life. Mike’s work as a cop puts Arden at risk in another unexpected way. As she is falling in love, she is constantly reminded of her duty. She must face her enemies in battle, at the same time she protect Mike from those who would harm him. It turns out that Earth has come to the attention of other aliens, some benign and others who would come with weapons to destroy or conquer. Arden and her team must remain in secret, yet protect the world. It becomes clear that choices must be made, protect the man she loves or give him up to save the planet and herself. Increasing pressures from circumstances beyond her control force her to make a fatgalaxy 2 - 1eful decision.

The Other Side of The Galaxy 2-Children of Different Stars Amid battling aliens and dealing with the new found knowledge that she was not human, Arden Stewart had fallen in love with Mike Duncan. Rocky as the beginning of their marriage was, they clung to each other and thought they’d finally reached a peaceful time in their lives. But it was far from what they’d hoped for. Surprises waited around every corner. New alien encounters bring more threats and dangers to their world. Then in the midst of having to defend the earth, keep their presence secret and trying to live a normal life; something wonderful, that had been thought impossible, happens! In this continuing story of aliens among us, Arden finds that love prevails through all trials. Loss as well as life and death haunt the path she must follow.

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The human race has always asked, “Are we alone in the universe?” The answer comes in an unexpected way. Young Jamila Jensen, though born on Earth, is an alien herself. Both of her parents are from the distant planet of Dentizi. She is shocked to find there is another species on Earth. She becomes a spy to determine what this new species purpose on Earth is. Just as her world is rocked to the core, an old enemy makes a return appearance. Now she and her family must decide to stay and defend the Earth or leave it to the grim fate that awaits it without them. To complicate matters even more, she finds herself with growing feelings for the strange alien she’s been trying to understand. She knows full well that should he turn out to be a menace to Earth she may have to destroy him. Surprises lay around every corner as Jamila and her family have to do battle with foes from the past and deal with the ones they have just discovered.