Making Lemonade

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You’ve heard it said that if life throws you lemons sometimes, figure out how to make lemonade.Well, health problems, family issues, you name it, can become the lemons in your path. As a writer you can turn those events into learning experiences.  The late actor, Randolph Scott is quoted as saying, “ I’m a great believer in fate. I think things happen in spite of, and despite, yourself.”

If you are like me, just coming through the holiday season, you are pretty exhausted. There is no better time to sit down quietly with your note system, whether that is a notebook or file on your computer and write down the experiences of the last year, be they good or bad.

For me this last year included several funerals of people I’d known for years and the loss of one dear brother-in-law. It also included being at the hospital for the birth of a great-grandchild, and there again for a friend who was having surgery, then again when I had surgery. Each time there were situations and people I encountered that gave me new understanding and wider information. The trick is to remember those lessons and write them down for future reference.

Life is rich with opportunities for us  to grow as writers. We just need to take the bitter and make it better. Sharing information if you are a non-fiction writer or enriching stories based on real situations and the drama that every life faces can make our work so much more real. (Of course treading the fine line of reality  without making it directly tied to specific people or their lives,  without their permission.)

Whatever you write, may you find this coming year a wonderful experience. Best of luck in 2017.


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