The write time

birthday cake - 1.jpg

A couple things happened in my life this week. First I had lunch with some of my high school classmates. We’ve been getting together off and on for the past 57 years. Secondly one of my great-grandchildren had a fifth birthday. So many milestones, so many events. Those two events in the same week reminded me of something I’ve always known but don’t always remember: Time is a gift, but also how quickly time passes.

If you are a writer, waiting until the “time is right” will never happen. Write often, write now, write even if it is just for practice. If you don’t have a complete idea for a novel, write articles. Many community groups need writers for newsletters, news articles, various publications they produce, so volunteer and hone your writing skills.

If you need inspiration, find it. Read newspapers and practice building stories around an article you find, even though you do it for practice. Ideas will come to you and you’ll find your muse.

One way to write is to start a blog like this one. Blogs are public so it is something you have to consider. I’ve read some that are way too personal. I’ve also read many that share ideas and skills. Those are the best kind to help you along your writing path.

What ever your genre, don’t wait, write. It’s easy to get discouraged but don’t let critical comments stop you from growing in your craft. Draft after draft may be necessary but don’t give up. You’ll get there. Have faith!


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