Writers who blog….

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As I have read what others have posted in their blogs I’ve been very humbled and impressed. There are some amazing and creative folks out in cyberspace!

Whether or not they realize it, all bloggers are also writers. They may be writing poetry, short stories, telling others of their observations of the world around them or just trying to communicate their ideas, sell something or share expertise. It really doesn’t matter what the blog is about, the underlining skill is their writing. Some write about beautiful things, some write about painful things, some teach, some share what they have learned but all write. Even if the site is mostly art or photography there is usually a wonderful narrative that goes with the posting.

We can communicate with our fellow bloggers, i.e. writing our feelings or opinions to them about a post. What an awesome thing to “like” someone’s work who is in a far distant land, yet via the blog, is a neighbor.

In a way I envy most blogging writers I’ve read, I can tell that many of them are young adults, which to me means between eighteen and perhaps forty. There is so much ahead of them in a world that has changed so drastically since I was that age. There is so much room to dream of what might be, ways to talk to each other and to publish their writing.

The thing a writer wants most in the world is for their work to be read. Today’s blog writers/writers of anything are starting at the place that I’m winding up. I so wish all writers the best of luck and God’s blessings.

It’s a marvelous world that these folks are so willing to put themselves into it. My hope is that they will continue to explore the varieties of media and share what they know. Just taking the chance and doing it is the hard part. We always think that someday I’ll get around to it. Time is something we can’t hold back and each day is a new opportunity to grow and learn, even if you’re a great-grandma like me.

Doesn’t matter what type of work you write, but it does matter that you use it to build others up and/or to share knowledge to enrich the future. Think about it, we’ve all had the benefit of what others have learned and shared through writing. To twist a phrase, “Write it forward.”


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