It’s cliche but true. Everyone dreams of writing the great American (or whatever country) novel or non-fiction book. One day, however, you stop dreaming and sit down with a note pad or your computer and start to put down your thoughts. The first time is most often the easiest because you probably always an inkling of a story you’d like to write.

No matter how you get it done, traditional publisher, self-published, print on demand, e-book, or simply going to a print shop for make a copy for yourself, you’ve been bitten by the writing bug. So where does the inspiration for the second book come from?

Once you’ve learned that you can write, being inspired doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. For instance my newest e-book, “Cabin on Applejack Creek,” was inspired by a photo. The shot was of the house my mother lived in as a child in tcabin 1 - 1.jpghe wilds of eastern Oregon in the 1920s. It was already an old place when her family lived there. The house was nestled deep in the woods. My uncle was born there and went back in the early 2000’s to find it. It was leaning, no windows, loose boards every where. Turns out he made his quest just in time, when he went back a couple years later it was gone. Mom always talked of the winters they endured there.

While my story didn’t have anything to do with that part of the country or my family, I could see that house and what might happen in a bad winter. So I set off to write a survival story about a young woman who got lost and how finding the cabin changed the course of her life. Being a history buff, I set the time period in the early 1950s with flashbacks to the 1930s. I also painted the scene for the cover, another fun thing about either self-publishing or e-books. You get full control of the covers. If you’d like to know more about my novel you can find it on Kindle books. I wrote this one under the name S. R. Ely.

The key to writing the first or any number of novels, is just doing it. As I mentioned earlier, the hot pen method works. By carving out a few hours a day to devote to your work you’ll be surprised how much you can put on paper. The time spent updating your blog gives you an idea of what you can write in just a few minutes a day.

Dream ahead of your current abilities, you’ll get results, and maybe even that blockbuster novel or non-fiction work you have rolling around in your imagination.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I read “Cabin on Applejack Creek” on an iPad. I always like stories that put me in situations where I would not want to go. This book did that for me. It was both believable and unbelievable all the way through. Waiting for the sequel


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