Seen a good writer lately? Maybe you’ve seen them in an interview or if they are promoting a new book. Usually though, you don’t see writers, but you’ve heard them. Every time you see a movie or even listen to a commercial, you are hearing a writer.movies 1 - 1.jpg

I went to a movie this week and was listening to the wonderful dialogue the characters were having. At times the interaction between individuals was funny, other times it was very profound. From simple greetings to complicated disputes, the words flowed for two hours. As I sat in the dark enjoying the movie, I was ever so aware that behind the action I was watching were probably several writers. The characters were introduced and given personalities that made a wonderful mix of emotions and complications–the things any good story needs. Of course the actors bring the words to life and add their own personality to the mix. It takes thousands of people any more to make a movie or television program, but usually it all starts in the mind of a writer.

So think about your daily life. You get up hear the news, which is being written behind the scenes by a team of writers giving script to the “on-screen” talent. You go to work and read manuals, written by technical writers. You go to lunch and read a menu, order something that the chef has prepared by reading a recipe, written by a cookbook author. You come home and watch your favorite television show, written by more writers.

Get the drift? The world needs writers. We don’t all have to be novel writers to share the same craft. There is place for everyone who wants to write. It can be a real challenge to find your fulfilling area in this world of writing, but a thrill when you do.

One of the things that held me back was the rejections. I would get a couple on a project and usually shelved the work. Then when I retired I said to myself, “What do I have to lose? Can’t know if you are a good writer unless you try.” So I put myself into the arena and haven’t looked back. I still don’t like rejection, but I’ve accepted that I’m not Stephen King or James Patterson.

I’ve written a bit more historical fiction than anything else, and really come to love history, mostly due in part to the Polk County Historical Society and their wonderful museum. I am trying many other genres. As I said before I plan to keep writing until I drop.

Dream big, it’s free and if you continue to search you’ll find niche. My hope is that, if you’re an aspiring writer, you will find your own place in the field.

Happy hunting



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