Why ewe need a copy editor.

A danger for a writer is thinking too much. You pour so much energy into writing that your mind and fingers often trip over each other with words. We know so many words tbee drawing.jpghat they can get jumbled up sometimes.  Do you want send a fax or facts?

Another danger is trusting your computer too much. Sure it will highlight a word if you may have spelled it wrong, but if you’ve spelled it right it doesn’t always know it’s the wrong word. There are programs out there that are pretty sensitive to writing styles and are a great help. If you have an older computer like I do it can surprise you what you may miss. That’s why a good set of critical eyes, besides your own, is important.

We all read our material at least a couple times. My best way of editing myself is to finish the work and then put it away for a couple weeks. Then read it again before I print it. I catch a lot that way, but still there is more to find.

I’ve been very blessed to have a chum from high school who was and is still one of the best people to read my work. She is very thorough and accurate. In addition to her wonderful gift of time, I’ve been able to have a second reader. Currently I have the privilege to know a retired teacher who is also very skilled and patient. Between the two of them I feel more confident when I present my final project.

There are professional services for editing available. And one time I did have another writer read my work. His fees were a modest $10 an hour for just copy editing. Another kind of editor I approached wanted $25 an hour and also wanted to totally edit my book. It was at that point I decided what I really wanted was a copy editor.

I hesitated to have my book completely edited because I liked my story and wasn’t wanting someone to rewrite it for me to fit their view. Don’t know how you feel about that, but it is an option. I realize if you are traditionally published they tend to want to do to make the story more commercial. So that is something to think about.

The important thing is that we all produce the best work we can and making sure we have the right words is crucial. What ever you write I wish you nothing but success



3 thoughts on “Why ewe need a copy editor.

  1. My daughter requested stories of my childhood. I started writing and keep thinking of more stories as I go along. Now I have to put them in some kind of order and almost feel overwhelmed with the process. It won’t be published but would it be best to try to put the stories in chronological order or just keep them as random thoughts?


    1. There are some wonderful blank books that you can get that have chapters for each event, like memories of my childhood, houses we lived in, etc. They may not be enough space for all you’re going to write but they would at least give you an outline to kind of help you get organized. I applaud anyone who is willing to do the work to save their histories, whether it’s a personal history or a family history. It is a precious gift we can leave to those who will come after us. My first book, “Into The Dust” was inspired by a letter that gave a pretty good hint about a family history. The museum has genealogy galore but it usually gives “born in Iowa 1842, moved to Oregon 1856.” That doesn’t tell anything about the people themselves, just a shell. Going the extra mile to supply stories and identified photos makes it so much richer. Good luck with your projects.


      1. Thanks! I am including photos to go along with the stories. One of the things I learned from this project is how involved my dad was in my life. When I was growing up I thought my mother was the predominate one, but almost every story includes my dad. That has made this project a very memorable experience and sometimes brings me to tears.


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