Breathtaking moments..



book in frame - 1There are words that you will never forget. “I couldn’t put the book down.” “After the second chapter I felt like that was my family.” “I was completely hooked on the story, couldn’t stop. Had to read the whole thing in a weekend.” “Can I get another copy formy sister?”

Those are the things that make us want to start writing a sequel, whether we’d planned to or not. That little bit of conformation that tells us after months of labor, the baby is beautiful.

It has been nearly eight years since my first book came out in hardback and just today someone stopped me and told said they’d just read the book and really loved it. It still sounds nice to hear. It also is why it still is nice to have printed books of your work. We still have libraries and people have books in their homes. The woman who stopped me had just gotten a soft cover copy of my book “Into The Dust.”

Why we write is always about the story that is swirling around in our brains, aching to be written. But the other things are there too. We want to entertain, teach, share, and encourage as we add our voice to the written media. In turn we learn and are
encouraged. I spend hours in research for what ever novel I’m working on. I’ve really come to love doing the research.

It is a little scary to put your feelings and thoughts out there for the world to read and possibly critique. It cannot be helped though, it is impossible to not have a little of yourself come through in your work. That’s why we can write about the same subject and never write exactly the same things. You are a marvelously created being with thoughts and experiences that are uniquely your own. Don’t be afraid if that shows up in your writing a bit. Be brave.

As you work through your writing projects I wish your critics be few and your fans many.



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