The easy way? Maybe.

Then of course, the king of quick and easy, the e-book. I have used this system for the last four of my books. It’s wonderfully easy, no money involved except if you want to get some extra editing tools and file your own copyright. Any advertising that you might want to do will be an extra cost too.

After the print on demand experigalaxy 1 - 1ence I always get my own copyright. It’s easy to do at the US Copyright web site.

After my husband’s passing I was not wanting to do the craft fairs and such. The first few years of that time were hard for me to revisit all the venues we’d worked at together. Having to repeat the story to those hadn’t heard yet was very difficult for me too. It has now been four years and I’ve come to grips with most of the issues widows/widowers have to face. Nevertheless I never stopped writing.
The BIG drawback to the e-book form of publishing is that you have a hard time being found. You may have another masterpiece, but if no one reads it, is it still a masterpiece? It’s like trying to sell your business card in the middle of a Manhattan sidewalk at noon when everyone else also has a business card.

galaxy 2 - 1Of course, the companies that offer free e-book publishing also want to make money and will offer you costly advertising packages. It’s a catch-22 situation, you have to spend money to make money.

The last drawback I’ve heard of was the price you sell for. My friend who used to sell at the State Fair said he’d never put his books on-line as e-books because he wouldn’t sell his hard earned work for a fourth of what he paid for them to be hard cover. That is true, traditionally produced hard back books normally go for over $20, self-published for under $20 and e-books usually under $10 unless you are an established name.

It’s a fact that e-books usually cost much less than the published books. I ran into that when my print on demand company put my books out as e-books. They, of course, wanted to get the same price they were charging me. So they listed my books at the same price some of really established writers like Stephan King or James Patterson. Again needless to say my books did about as well with that as they did in China. Not!

Again the other thing, the main line publishers do not consider any kind of alternate publishing as legitimate. Some even go so far as saying they don’t want to work with authors who have self-published. Just saying.

What ever you choose use as your way to go, getting your manuscript into print will be a frustrating, hard road, but ultimately worth it trip. Don’t give up! Best of luck!

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