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                      It’s been said a person with a watch knows what time it is, a person with more than one is never sure.

Another beautiful day. A day filled with a mile long to-do list and your computer sits nagging at you to spend a little time writing. Been there? Me too. I think one of the most  difficult things to do is find the time to actually sit down and write. Yet that is the secret to it. I’ve heard it called the hot pen method. You just pick up a pen (or sit at your computer) and write. Let your mind relax into the process and write.I find I can put up to a thousand words a day on paper (in my computer) if I just do this.

My biggest aspiration has been to be able to write like James Mitchner. He could put so many words on paper it was mind boggling. I haven’t made it that far and nowadays with cost of printing not many publishers would be happy with books the size of “Texas.”

Inspiration doesn’t seem to be the biggest challenge, time is. You can think of something interesting but unless you write it down you lose the thought about as fast as you imagined it. Carry a notebook and a pen, essentials! I even went so far as carrying a small tape recorder at one time. Don’t know what the recording devices are out there now that you could carry. I’m not too tech savvy. Got a lot of catch-up to do in that department. But that’s the wonderful thing about life, always more to learn.

When I was taking photography classes from a well known local photographer I was amazed at his interest in the craft still because he was in his mid-sixties at least. (I was a kid of 30 then,ha-ha!) He said he loved the work and would continue until the day he died because of the evolving technology and that there would be always something to learn. I feel that way about writing.

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I don’t do the photography much anymore because I’m just not as agile as I was. To be a wedding or wildlife photographer you have to be able to move about quickly and quietly, covering a lot of ground and often carrying a lot of equipment. Back in the day when my late husband and I did that, he would often have 50 pounds of stuff in his pack: a Hasselblad camera, couple Nikon 35mm, film, tripods, lights, flashes, you name it. Now of course digital is a lot lighter to carry but that time has passed for me. However, I will do with my writing what my photographer mentor is doing with his photography–continue until I drop.


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